Thursday, October 6, 2016

lately in the little dipper! (excuse our dust and other stuff)

hello all and welcome back,

as you can probably already see, we've had some construction going on here in the little dipper as of late due to website renovations! now if you don't follow us on instagram (or if you don't have an instagram), you don't have to miss out! you can still check out all of our little posts and picture stories here on our website! (super high-tech!!).

since we've been under construction, there has been a lot going on. first and foremost, i would like to officially introduce our new up-and-running imprint press (and our baby): little bear publishing house!

since little dipper ink had so many children's books, i decided to devote a whole house to it. little bear also offers editing and publishing services for authors of children's books, including (but not limited to) children who write their own books! i'm so excited to devote more time and energy to the world of children's literature! if you want to know more about little bear, please visit us over at little bear publishing house

also, we have a new pocketbook of poetry here in the little dipper. i'm proud to announce that the book, sea anemone, is now available through our shop (view by clicking the link).

the sad news is that in the renovation (property bros., unite!) the previous blog posts had to be deleted, but i will be running them again throughout the year, so it'll be like finding a skittle on the floor of your van (a little treat that you had, but forgot about until now). 

one more important thing! once a year, we get up from behind the editing desk and go party! this year will be no different and little dipper ink (this time with little bear publishing house) will be at the 2016 chicago book expo which will be held on sunday, november 16 from 12-5pm at columbia college. this will be our fourth (or fifth?) year attending, and i really look forward to seeing all of our friends there!




  1. 2+2=eternity!
    How so?
    First 2: trustNjesus/repent;
    Second 2: love Jesus/love each other.
    = eternity Upstairs where no end exists.
    How easy!
    How cool!

    In Fine Sine Fine
    -Saint Augustine
    (Latin: in [the] end
    without end).

    God bless your indelible soul.