Friday, December 29, 2017

a new book from the little dipper: cooking with ramona!

hello everyone! i would like to introduce little dipper ink's new book with you! this is our very first ever cookbook! it has an adorable chef and is full of fresh & hearty vegan recipes that you and your doggie friends can share. click here to check it out! 

"what's ramona eating? it's the question of a lifetime and anyone who knows me knows that the answer is usually: socks, plastic, glass, paint, a staple one or two times, tissue paper (which landed me in the E.R. for the world's most expensive enema), etc., but when I get a hankering for something that people consider "acceptable," I like to relax into a good hearty meal...." come along with chef ramona, a spunky shih-tzu/terror-mix as she navigates her way around the kitchen using her nose (since she wears her hair over her eyes and can't see), and dine at chez henri (her annoying furry brother/restauranteur). fun-loving and plant-based recipes that the whole family will enjoy!

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