Friday, December 29, 2017

book no. 2 before the new year: sanctuary & keeping up on lost time

and last but not least for 2017 is a new story called sanctuary. to check out this book, click here

after losing six children, odessa, a pregnant, common dairy cow, decides that it's time to plan an escape from the factory. eliciting the help of her friend, sparrow, she leaves her doomed life with "the mothers," and sets out for greener pastures in the hopes that her baby will be born into a life of safety and freedom.

also, i discovered that i haven't posted about my latest book of haiku, matryoshka doll, which you can check out here

matryoshka doll made of you and me matryoshka doll big spoon & little spoon matryoshka doll contains the seeds for more we

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