about us

little dipper ink was conceptualized & founded by ginamarie lobianco (ladi) in 2006. ginamarie lobianco graduated from eastern illinois university with a master’s degree in english. she has worked as an editor for another chicago magazine, & has worked as both a professional editor and english instructor at eiu and elsewhere. she is the author of twenty + novels (the little star series),  and of various collections of poetry and children's books. her longtime hero is benny "the jet" rodriguez. 

kevin green is little dipper ink's special design man. he worked with us to design the cover of come tumbling down, the shape of a home, and he makes all analog covers look pretty digital so that we can make them analog again! he is ldi's photographer and "go to" guy/lover of cheese. pretty much we're really lucky to have him around.... and you can visit him and check out his artwork here

ramona aka "sidepart saucypants," is the ceo of little dipper ink. ginamarie passed on the responsibility to her because she's got great hair! her passions are socks, lucky charms, and her "back off" attitude.